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Friends In Solidarity; Making A Difference In South Sudan

Posted by Kyle Forbush on Jan 28, 2019 2:55:54 PM

There is a reason that the core statement of Caritas Vehicle Services is "Our mission is to serve". We chose these words because we strive to the best of our ability to provide the same care to our clients that they provide to their local & global communities. We revere the Sisters to whom we provide vehicle management solutions, learning from their devotion to God and His creation just as we hope they are able learn from our automotive expertise. With pride in this reciprocal relationship, we know that our efforts as fleet management specialists help alleviate the administrative burden of vehicle management and allow our clients to remain focused on their own ministry and mission. 

classroom_Dem-425399-editedThough we have become accustomed to the selflessness of our clients' work, there comes a story every so often that truly stands out for its extraordinary human compassion. We're pleased to share one such example, which is the story of the Friends In Solidarity. A collaborative ministry founded and operated by Women & Men Religious of the US, this organization supports the people of South Sudan through building initiatives and the training of teachers, health professionals and pastoral teams. Their vision, as stated on their website, is as follows: 

"We envision a just and peaceful society in Africa built upon the values of collaboration, inclusivity and solidarity between and among peoples, cultures, generations and nations." 

First of all, someone please call Oxford, because "inclusivity" should be added to their next edition of the English dictionary. Secondly, this organization's focus on collaboration between people of different backgrounds is something to take note of. Friends In Solidarity came up with the idea to combine denominations in their efforts after the Congress On Consecrated Life came up with a mission of their own in 2005. The Congress called for ministries globally to strive for, 

"...a new paradigm…..born of compassion for the scarred and downtrodden of the earth – around new priorities, new models of organization and open and flexible collaboration between men and women of goodwill". 

By extending their helping hands to those in need who are unlike themselves, and by forming a team of dedicated individuals from many denominations, Friends In Solidarity is setting an example of unfettered compassion that you can act on. To learn more about their organization and find out how you can get involved, visit the following link. And, as always, buckle up & stay safe! 





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