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Reduced Pricing on New Vehicles for Fleets

Posted by Brad Forbush on Mar 10, 2022 7:00:00 AM

Male hand holding car keys offering new blue car on background

As I’m sure you’ve either read or heard about in the news, the entire U.S. business economy continues to be negatively impacted by major disruptions in our product supply chain, and the auto industry is being affected by a shortage of semi-conductor computer chips, which are used to operate each vehicle’s onboard computer system.

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When to replace your used car?

Posted by Kyle Forbush on Jul 19, 2021 10:50:44 AM

Repair_or_ReplaceWhen that check engine light goes on in the car it immediately elicits a groan from the driver. In one instance, it was Sister Mary Kay’s car and she was the one groaning about her 2008 Toyota Camry. She was starting to lose her power steering, so she took her car into the small local shop where she’s had her car serviced for the past 10 years. The mechanic found a few other problems and presented a repair estimate of $1,357.  Sr. Mary Kay called her Community’s Vehicle Coordinator, Jerry, who suggested that Sr. Mary Kay obtain a second opinion from a different shop, so she took her car to a local Goodyear shop, which is a large national auto service provider. Goodyear’s estimate was $2,550 for a list of repairs that included everything the local shop found plus several other high cost items.  Now Sr. Mary Kay was confused and unsure of what she should do, so she made another call to Jerry.

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New 2021 Safety Features: Collision Prevention

Posted by Kyle Forbush on Apr 23, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Auto manufacturers are making great strides in ensuring the safety and peace-of-mind of all drivers on the road by implementing a new generation of smart-tech safety features in all 2021 vehicles. In the past, many driver safety features were only available on high-priced models and luxury vehicles, but today, most vehicles are equipped with advanced safety technology that wasn't even available just five years ago. With all of the new developments and improvements in vehicle safety technology, it is important to be aware of what these safety features are and how they work to keep drivers safe.  

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GM announces updated carbon-neutral plan

Posted by Kyle Forbush on Apr 5, 2021 2:47:30 PM

General Motors recently announced a new and updated plan to eliminate carbon emissions from their vehicles and factories. GM's goal and promise is to reach carbon neutrality--meaning ZERO carbon emissions from their vehicles AND their assembly process--by 2040. GM also committed to the rollout of new, zero-emission light duty vehicles by 2035. 

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Paratransit vans for Religious Communities

Posted by Kyle Forbush on Dec 15, 2020 2:04:10 PM

Entervan_image_1   PARATRANSIT VAN 

As the average age of drivers who live in Religious Communties continues to rise, the need to provide transportation that can accommodate wheelchairs and scooters also increases. While some look toward public transportation or a car service, many Communities are looking at a more cost effective approach for transporting members who are no longer driving.

This was the conundrum facing one of our CARITAS clients, a community of Women Religious who wondered if there was a more practical way to take their Sisters to doctor appointments, shopping, or just to see the holiday lights.  While car pooling in a normal minivan might work for some, the Sisters who must use wheelchairs are often not able to enjoy these outings. So, here's what we did . . . 

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Vehicle Depreciation and Lifecycle Cost

Posted by Kyle Forbush on Dec 9, 2020 9:31:05 AM

07-29-GREENLIGHT-Auction-Industry-SurveyWhen calculating the life-cycle cost of a vehicle, deprecation is the single biggest factor to keeping the cost low.  Depreciation should be on a fleet manager’s mind or on the mind of anyone who regularly buys new cars. According to Phillip Reed, senior consumer editor at Edmunds.com, a vehicle can lose 30 percent of its’ value in the first year and as much of 50 percent in the first three years.Given these numbers, it is important to look at what factors can affect resale value and ultimately vehicle depreciation.

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How To Charge Your Electric Vehicle

Posted by Kyle Forbush on Nov 26, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Last week, we wrote about the different types of electric vehicles on the market, from plug-in hybrids to fully-electric vehicles which run on electrical power that is transferred to your car via an external source. But what are these external sources of power? In this article, we will review how electric-vehicle charging functionally works, the 3 basic charging levels available today, and the degree of their accessibility to drivers on the road & at home.

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What are the different types of electric vehicles?

Posted by Kyle Forbush on Nov 14, 2019 9:30:00 AM

alternative-auto-automobile-battery-110844The number of electric vehicles (EV's) on the road is continuing to rise from about 1 million at the end of 2018 to a projected 18.7 million by 2030. Concurrently, fleet management organizations are promoting the incorporation of EV's into their clients' fleets more than ever before. So what should you know about vehicles that run on electricity? 

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Industry Insiders: The Crossover

Posted by Kyle Forbush on May 1, 2019 10:12:15 AM

We are living in a century of farewells to many reliable, traditional methods of living. The U.S. Postal Service is slowly becoming defunct as e-mail, text messaging and social media take its place with unsurpassed speed & convenience. Cinemas are suffering because of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime (Blockbuster & friends are already long-gone). In a more relevant occurrence, the American "sedan" is losing popularity and U.S. automakers are abandoning its production. Coming to take its place? Well, we'll get to that. 

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The Best Compact Fleet Vehicles of 2019 - E-Book

Posted by Kyle Forbush on Apr 5, 2019 12:03:25 PM

Cover Photo E-Book CVSWith the new year has come a fresh line-up of vehicles and an increased, nation-wide focus on driver safety. At the NAFA (North American Fleet Association) conference that preceded the 2019 Milwaukee Auto Show, every manufacturer representative made sure to highlight the ways in which their organization has prioritized safety and explained the advanced safety features that come with their 2019 models. 

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