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Driver Safety Tips: How to Safely Road Trip During a Pandemic

Posted by Kyle Forbush on Oct 15, 2020 2:07:15 PM

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With the COVID-19 pandemic persisting across the United States, Americans are facing more adversity on long road trips than ever before. Regrettably, the safest “route” for anyone to take right now is the one that keeps us closest to home. But Americans are individuals with family, responsibilities and careers, and such commitments have helped many people stay motivated during these difficult times. Furthermore, many travelers took to the highway in Summer 2020 to find a much-needed respite with nature, largely because of the lengthy quarantine. Whatever the reason, road travel is sometimes very simply unavoidable.

Our good friends at AARP recently authored a well-informed blog which details instructions for how to road-trip safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their well-informed article provides guidelines for how to protect your health while driving, dining and staying overnight along the duration of your trip. 

Caritas Vehicle Services values the safety of our drivers, and every driver on the road, above all else. With the aid of information and preparation, we can overcome any adversity that the pandemic presents! Click on the link below to read the blog from AARP, and please leave a comment if you have any questions! 

Read the article from AARP!



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