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Learn How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Posted by Kyle Forbush on Dec 7, 2020 2:57:48 PM


Traffic jams and the dreaded morning and evening rush hour are a commuter's headache! The stop and go traffic creates a number of problems, which include the wearing down of vehicle parts due to constant use, fuel and time consumption, and an increase in carbon emissions. The United States Environmental Protection Agency's latest report on Greenhouse Gas Emissions states that 28% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions were the result of transportation."  These numbers will increase as society continues to depend on fossil fuels, unless we make the decision to change our ways.  Individual drivers and fleet managers should all consider ways to reduce our carbon footprint.  We've come up with 3 helpful tips to start today.

Choose the right vehicles for your fleet 

Choosing the right vehicles for your fleet can make all the difference in your carbon footprint.  Cars with high miles per gallon help, but there are other factors to consider when choosing your fleet's next vehicles.  The type of driving, distance, and the number of vehicles in your fleet are other things to consider.  Improved vehicle technologies such as Electric, Flex-fuel, and Hybrid vehicles as well as alternative fuel sources demonstrates the many ways to reduce our carbon footprint through proper vehicle management. When done correctly, some of these options will result in direct savings to your organization and help improve the environment at the same time. 

Replace older models with new vehicles 

Many people don't realize that as a vehicle gets older, the carbon emissions it produces begins to increase at an exponential rate.  The number of miles per gallon older vehicles can provide also decreases.  These issues increase a fleet's operating cost as vehicles get older.  It is important to have an experienced fleet manager analyze your organization's vehicles to determine if certain vehicles should be replaced to cut down on emissions and costs.  

Develop "Green Fleet" Policies 

Making educated decisions for your fleet today can make dramatic improvements in both your organization's fleet performance and reduce your carbon footprint for years to come.  Some "Green Fleet" policies to consider are: Organizing company ride shares and carpools to help reduce the number of vehicles on the road, designating certain vehicles for drivers who need to travel farther for longer, and reducing reliance on older vehicles will go a long way in helping a company to reduce its carbon footprint. Creating policies to address these issues is a vital component of any organization's overall strategy for energy conservation.  

CARITAS Vehicle Services has experienced fleet managers who can recommend the appropriate vehicles for your specific fleet needs to help help reduce your fleet's carbon footprint.  Feel free to call us at 414-771-7030 or click below for more information!


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