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Driver Safety Tips: Ending Distracted Driving

Posted by Kyle Forbush on Mar 24, 2019 1:09:30 PM

Beautiful businesswoman sending a text while driving to workOur world of instant gratification and hand-held technology makes it so that distractions are completely inevitable. Every web-page you visit has targeted advertising, every app on your phone tries to send you notifications more often than anyone needs them, and social media has transformed into something of a feigned competition to update all of your friends on everything from momentous events like the birth of your child to unnecessary minutiae, such as the photogenic tacos you ordered. In fact, you're likely bouncing back and forth between web browser tabs as we speak. Meanwhile, I forgot why I was writing this article in the first place because the Chess app on my phone informed me that it's my move.  

The point is that, although distractions can be pleasant breaks from the constant stressors of everyday life, they have the potential to become dangerous and even fatal. For example, checking last moment's tweet from Jimmy Fallon while you're behind the wheel of a moving vehicle could have serious repercussions. As driver safety is one of our primary concerns at Caritas, we would like to share with you a whitepaper from Automotive-Fleet Magazine that details the risks of distracted driving and presents clearly outlined steps you can take to educate your drivers and enforce the policies that you put in place. The document silences doubters by explaining how newer technology like cameras facing the driver can increase the effectiveness such enforced policies, as can a reward system for drivers with the cleanest records. 

To read the whitepaper, click on the link below. If you have any further questions regarding driver safety or want to learn how Caritas Vehicle Services manages anti-distracted driving policies, Contact Us Here! And, as always, buckle up & stay safe!


Read the whitepaper ⇒ Click Here!





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