Fleet Managers...What Do They Do, Anyway?

Posted by Kyle Forbush on Feb 14, 2019 3:17:33 PM

Young happy young woman sitting in car trunk outdoorFleet managers have a notorious affinity for hats. At Fleet Services, our vehicle management specialists are constantly switching one hat out for another--the logistics expert "fedora", the industry insider "bowler cap", the asset manager "baseball cap", the business analyst "flat-brim", the driver safety guru "ten-gallon cowboy hat", the drivers' lifeline "beanie" & maintenance authority "pork pie hat". Needless to say, to manage this significant variety of head gear demands a plethora of experience and professional grace.

All jokes aside, the job of fleet manager is multi-faceted and requires years of involvement in the automotive industry. Combined with a client-centric approach, our industry knowledge helps to meet the unique needs of fleet owners by providing fully customized solutions. To learn more about how our expert fleet managers can improve your fleet ownership experience, view our new info-graphic below!


VIEW OUR INFO-GRAPHIC! ⇒ What Is Fleet Management





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