Pocket Protectors: Using A Fuel Cost Calculator

Posted by Kyle Forbush on Feb 8, 2019 3:41:46 PM

fleet-management-fuel-costsFuel cost is one of the most cumbersome economic burdens that fleet managers face. Fluctuating prices, inefficient vehicle models and certain driving habits can all contribute to what becomes a hypothetical black hole of funds. To help alleviate some worry and allow for a more measurable method of fuel consumption, we have found an online Fuel Cost Calculator which measures the fuel cost of a trip by asking for the trip distance, fuel efficiency of your model vehicle, and gas/fuel price. 

To access the calculator, follow the link at the end of the article. Otherwise, here are some other tips for fuel-efficient driving:

  • Consider using a more fuel-efficient vehicle (like a sedan instead of an SUV)
  • Stay on top of your maintenance--a properly tuned engine greatly contributes to higher fuel efficiency. 
  • When loading the top of your vehicle, angle objects forward to reduce drag. 
  • Properly inflate your tires.
  • Use the correct motor oil--check your owner's manual for the proper type. Even better is if the oil says "Energy Conserving" on the API performance symbol, which means it contains friction-reducing additives. 
  • Plan your trip using GPS to find straightest route. Google Maps and Waze are both popular & highly functional apps that can be used on your computer or cellular devices.









Topics: Green Your Fleet, Fleet Management Best Practices

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