Managing A Fleet: 3 Best Practices

Posted by Kyle Forbush on Feb 27, 2019 12:12:49 PM

Beautiful female driver in a convertible car smilingWhether your community has 30, 100 or 500 vehicles, how in the world do you track all the dollars spent to keep each vehicle properly maintained over its lifetime? When a driver takes their vehicle to a shop and is presented with a $1,000 estimate that includes a long list of items, how can the driver possibly know for certain if everything on the list is really necessary? Or, how can you find out which vehicles in your fleet cost the least to maintain and which ones cost the most?

These are just a few questions that fleet managers ask quite often. In order to answer them, we have prepared a helpful brief that outlines 3 Best Practices for managing a fleet and all of its moving parts. Click on the link below to read the downloadable document, and feel free to subscribe to our blog for more insightful suggestions, industry news, and more!




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