GM announces updated carbon-neutral plan

Posted by Kyle Forbush on Apr 5, 2021 2:48:34 PM

General Motors recently announced a new and updated plan to eliminate carbon emissions from their vehicles and factories. GM's goal and promise is to reach carbon neutrality--meaning ZERO carbon emissions from their vehicles AND their assembly process--by 2040. GM also committed to the rollout of new, zero-emission light duty vehicles by 2035. 

GM's goals are ambitious, but they have set markers and outlined specific methods that make the announcement perfectly attainable. They will invest billions of dollars in the creation of new EV's--currently, the only electric vehicle GM has on the market is the Chevrolet Bolt. GM stated that it will also strive to curb their own factory emissions by sourcing 100% renewable energy to power its U.S. plants by 2030, and global sites by 2035. Three factories in Michigan and Tennessee are going to receive new, massive budgets to bolster their EV production, while GM stated that 50% of its capital spending will now be directed towards new electric vehicle product development.

To read more about the recent announcements and how GM is striving towards a better, greener tomorrow, visit the links below. And, if you or someone you know is looking to invest in an electric vehicle for your fleet, Contact us at Fleet Services!

CNN: "GM looks to sell only emission-free vehicles by 2035"

Car And Driver: "The EV's Are Coming"

As always, stay safe & buckle up!

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