Driving Green Without A Hybrid Or Electric Vehicle

Posted by Kyle Forbush on Feb 7, 2019 3:39:48 PM

Nissan_GreenThere is a frightening bit of fiction growing around the grapevine of the auto industry, telling us that the only way to drive green is to buy a newer-model hybrid or electric vehicle. Luckily, debunking common myths happens to be a specialty of the fleet management experts at Fleet Services. In reality, there are a great many steps one may take to become a more eco-friendly driver.

Driving habits such as having a "lead foot", or in other words, over-use of the accelerator, can lead to increased fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emission. Certain maintenance practices, such as diagnosing an issue yourself and visiting the mechanic early, can also reduce your carbon "tire-mark". With conscientious driving, you can continue to operate your gas-powered vehicle without the guilt of harming the atmosphere. 

To learn about the ways that you can reduce your carbon emissions and extend the life of your vehicle, follow the link below for a downloadable article. And, as always, stay safe and buckle up!


CLICK FOR THE ARTICLE! ⇒ 10 Tips For Driving Green







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