Driver Safety Tips: Navigating Roundabouts

Posted by Kyle Forbush on Jan 23, 2019 2:06:49 PM

Traffic circle sign posted by pavement (shallow depth of field)Everyone remembers the first roundabout they encountered. You're driving down a straight road that suddenly collides with a massive, paved circle, painted with white lines and dotted with bright, yellow yield signs. Enclosed in the center of the circle is an island of grass and some shrubbery. For some, it was like driving for the first time. However, if you follow the signage and know the rules of the road within a roundabout, you can actually make it safely to your destination in less time and with a dramatically smaller chance of collision. 

Originally a British invention, the "roundabout" is designed to ease the flow of traffic by not requiring vehicles to stop at an intersection. It has been adopted by the U.S., with their own relevant safety laws and guidelines.

To help with understanding these curiously designed intersections, our friends at The Christian Brothers have compiled a downloadable page that outlines the basics. Their informative document presents statistical evidence proving that roundabouts have resulted in less collisions and fewer delays, while also providing a helpful list of Do's-and-Don't's and important Safety Practices when driving on them. To read the document, click on the link below. And, as always, buckle up & stay safe!


Link To Downloadable Article⇒ Roundabouts - Risk Factor


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