Our Mission Is To Serve: Meet The Captain!

Posted by Kyle Forbush on Mar 7, 2019 11:40:43 AM

Chris (2)Every ship needs a captain. Ideally, the one chosen to be captain is the individual with the most experience and know-how. For example, at the helm of Caritas Vehicle Services is our fearless leader, Mr. Chris Hoar. As President & Owner of our organization, he has carved out a niche where we succeed and, more importantly, strives to interweave his Catholic faith with some of our business practices. In this Q&A, you will learn about Mr. Hoar's background and how he has succeeded in steering a small, Midwestern-based enterprise through the swells of keeping up with competition & the times. 


Q: How long have you been the acting President & Owner of Caritas Vehicle Services?

A: Since 1994, I have presided over the operations and development of this organization.

Q: What sets your enterprise apart from other fleet management companies?

A: There are others who talk about full service…which can certainly be said for Caritas. But for “fleet” customers, who are largely all those who are our clients, we also put ourselves into the position of “acting Fleet Managers”. We want to be our clients' Fleet Management team, working integrally with each driver’s needs for daily use, within a Fleet Management Plan that has been established by the Organization we serve. In other words, we are not a cookie-cutter service provider; but instead, a real extension of the operations of each client’s organization insofar as their existing vehicle fleet demands require.

Chris_UgandaQ: How do you find yourself upholding the Caritas mission in your everyday work?

A: Provide a reliable service and high level of Personal, Human Care for One Another. It is also important to be aware of the fact that part of Fleet Services and Caritas Vehicle Services provides support to our non-profit, child-sponsorship & mission-work organization, Caritas For Children.

Q: How much experience do you have in the field of fleet management?

A: I began working in this sector of the Motor-Vehicle business in about May of 1972. About 47 years as of this interview. Our company and many of its principles of operation and capabilities was founded in 1957 or 62 years as of this interview. Historically, Fleet Services, Inc. (the other branch of our organization which serves corporate clients) was also one of the early pioneers of Fleet Management Services as it still exists today; however, we brought the organization to a much more advanced and technologically improved kind of service never before available.

Q: What are some major changes that you have seen in the fleet management industry since you began your career?

A: For sure, technology. Add to that communications, better built vehicles, much higher asset costs requiring greater control over each and every expenditure, starting with the purchase of each vehicle, its Life Cycle Cost as it is being used, to the very last day when it is taken out of service and re-marketed on a wholesale basis anywhere within the USA.

Q: Do you have a favorite car?

A: Personally, I am not a “car guy”. Meaning, of course, that I am one who looks at a vehicle as a tool for business and personal use. It must be safe, have good Life-Cycle Cost, be reliable and adequate to find my daily driving needs…both for family use and business use. After that, and while I do have a mild interest in the history and progress of the Automobile as it serves the needs of its users and owners, I am not so passionate about vehicles that are built more to serve the more quixotic tendencies of fancy car guys. Safe, Good Service, Cost Effective and Efficient…for its lifetime of service to me. Period!



To learn more about our organization, contact us here! And, as always, stay safe & buckle up!






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