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Driver Safety Tips: Navigating Roundabouts

Posted by Kyle Forbush on Jan 23, 2019 2:00:40 PM

Traffic circle sign posted by pavement (shallow depth of field)

Do you remember that uneasy feeling and awkward sense of confusion the first time you encountered a roundabout? You were driving down a perfectly straight road that suddenly collided with a massive, paved circle, painted with white lines and dotted with bright, yellow yield signs. Enclosed in the center of the circle is an island of grass and some shrubbery. For some, it was like driving for the first time. Roundabouts can be quite tricky to navigate, but once you know the rules of the road, follow the signage, and gain some experience, you'll discover that roundabouts will actually help you make it safely to your destination in less time and with a lower chance of a collision.

Originally a British invention, the "roundabout" is designed to ease the flow of traffic by not requiring vehicles to stop at an intersection. After being adopted here in the U.S., the use of roundabout is rapidly increasing throughout the country.  Our friends at The Christian Brothers, an insurance company that works with Religious Communities, have written a very helpful article with a list of Do's-and-Don't's and important Safety Practices to help drivers learn to master the Roundabout. Their article also presents some rather surprising statistics proving that roundabouts actually reduce traffic accidents and traffic delays. To read the article, click on the link below. And, as always, buckle up & stay safe! 

                       Click on link   Roundabouts

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