How To Charge Your Electric Vehicle

Posted by Kyle Forbush on Nov 26, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Last week, we wrote about the different types of electric vehicles on the market, from plug-in hybrids to fully-electric vehicles which run on electrical power that is transferred to your car via an external source. But what are these external sources of power? In this article, we will review how electric-vehicle charging functionally works, the 3 basic charging levels available today, and the degree of their accessibility to drivers on the road & at home.

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Go Green with GreenerCar.org

Posted by Gabrielle Bobinsky on Nov 10, 2015 6:08:20 PM

If you happen to be a Michigan State fan, then you know "Go Green" is part of the school's battle cry, but for most folks, Go Green  has become a familiar reference to the effort made my an individual or an organization to minimize our society's pollution and carbon footprint. Initially, “going green” sounds like a herculean effort requiring significant changes to one's lifestyle, however this isn't always the case. Being planet-friendly can come from simple changes such as recycling and using natural light instead of electricity. For car owners, going green is becoming much easier. Car companies are developing planet-friendly technology that minimizes pollution caused by gas-powered vehicles. Knowing where to find up-to-date and accurate information about carbon vehicle emissions isn't easy. No worries, because we’ve found a great website that gives you access to a database of vehicles that are scored on a range from “greenest” to “meanest”.

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12th Annual Green Vehicles Workshop & Showcase Highlights

Posted by Sarah Huber on May 1, 2015 3:51:00 PM


 WCC-Color-LogoVehicle technology is constantly evolving.  Alternative fuel sources, such as hybrid, diesel/ bio diesel, as well as electric powered, are becoming more cost effective for today's everyday commuter and for fleets of varying sizes.  These advances allow for reduced environmental impact.


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How Much Do You Like Driving Your Car?

Posted by Beatrice Maynor on Feb 9, 2015 2:26:00 PM

A train hauling ethanol crashed and derailed on a steep bank alongside the Missisippi River in Eastern Iowa on Wednesday, 02-04-15. An unknown amount of ethanol has reached the river which is part of the Upper Mississippi National Fish and Wildlife Refuge. Ethanol, a biofuel derived from corn, poses a threat to fish and mussles according to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Read the full story here.

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Does it Make Sense to Buy a Hybrid?

Posted by Beatrice Maynor on Feb 5, 2015 10:22:00 AM

 "I recognize the surface of the earth is warmer and that an increase in greenhouse gases caused by humans is contributing to the problem." President George W. Bush made that statement in July of 2007, quoted in an article in the Financial Times. During his presidency he urged a climate change policy embracing new clean energy technologies.

Certainly scientists are in agreement that global warming is real. Politicians acknowledge this truth but disagree on the methods for bringing about a reduction in carbon emissions.

Behavioral studies show that people buy a hybrid vehicle because they want to help preserve the environment, or they want to be perceived as caring about the environment.

Should you buy a hybrid vehicle? Will driving a hybrid vehicle make a difference?



2015 Toyota Prius 

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