2015 Vehicle Ordering Cut-Off Dates Fast Approaching

Posted by Doug Reading on Mar 19, 2015 3:24:00 PM

How many miles will your fleet vehicles have by September 2015?

We are rapidly approaching the auto industry's season of "Build-Out" when auto manufacturers will stop taking orders for 2015 model year vehicles, so they can complete orders by sometime in July and start building the 2016 models. Our clients generally replace vehicles based on mileage parameters, so this is a good time to determine which vehicles you want to replace before July, and which can wait until sometime in September or October when the 2016 models start hitting the ground.


Take a look at the schedule of cut-off dates . . .

As the Virtual Fleet Manager for our clients, we maintain a massive vehicle database, and we routinely generate Vehicle Replacement Reports (VRR) to streamline the process of identifying which vehicles should be replaced. In addition to age and mileage we also consider a vehicle's maintenance and repair history in the replacement decision. At 100,000 miles, some vehicles continue to run just fine without expensive repairs while others breakdown constantly. The key word here is Managementand waiting to replace a vehicle when the wheels fall off (eventually they do) is not managing anything!


Factory ordering your vehicles gives you three advantages over buying from a dealer's inventory:

  1. You get a vehicle to match your exact preferences including the model, drive-train, optional equipment, and color choice versus having to settle for what just happens to be sitting on a dealer's lot.
  2. Factory ordered vehicles often cost thousands of dollars less because there are no built-in fees for dealer advertising or floor plan costs. You receive factory wholesale pricing and do not pay retail prices.
  3. There may be "Fleet Only" optional equipment that are not available to retail dealers.

Ordering for some 2015 vehicles have already been cut-off and are either sold-out for this model year or are already being build as 2016 models. Below is a short list of common "Fleet Vehicles" and their currently published cut-off dates, which are subject to frequent updates this time of year:


Make Model Factory Order Dates
Ford Escape 4/16/15 Cut-Off
Ford Fusion (2016 models) 2/2/15 Start-Up Order Bank
Ford Taurus & Focus TBA
Chrysler 300, Charger, Durango 5/29/15 Cut-Off
Chrysler Minivans, Journey, Dart, 200 4/29/15 Cut-Off
Chevrolet Cruze 3/26/15 Cut-Off
Chevrolet Impala Limited (2016 models) 4/16/15 Start-Up Order Bank
Chevrolet Impala, Malibu 4//23/15 Cut-Off
Chevrolet Equinox 5/21/15 Cut-Off
Buick LaCrosse 4/23/15 Cut-Off
Toyota Camry, Corolla 4/10/15 Camry, Corolla
Toyota Highlander, Rav4 7/10/15 Cut-Off
Suburu Forester (2016 models) 5/4/15 Start-Up Order Bank
Suburu Legacy, Outback 4/3/15 Cut-Off


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