How to maintain grounded vehicles during the COVID-19 pandemic

Posted by Kyle Forbush on Dec 4, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Car StorageWith the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic keeping much of America homebound, many businesses and fleet managers are having to keep vehicles grounded for the indefinite future. However, grounding a vehicle is not quite as simple as parking it in a garage and closing the door. Here are a few recommendations for vehicles that are not being driven for an extended period of time. 

>Pre-storage tune-up

Before a vehicle is put in storage, it should be taken to an auto shop for an oil change and to have a multi-point inspection, which is free at most shops. The inspection will check tire pressure, fluid levels, and the battery charge, among other items listed on the shop’s inspection form. An exception may be made for a vehicle that has had an oil change within the last couple of months. However, since the inspection is typically done for free during an oil change, doing both before long-term storage is a convenient, inexpensive way to ensure your vehicle remains in sound mechanical condition.

Furthermore, a vehicle in storage should be taken in for an oil change once every six months if it is to remain idle. Since multi-point inspections are complimentary with oil changes, we recommend that you always take the time for both when you visit the shop.

>Take short drives once a week

Cars that are grounded outdoors should be started and driven for at least 15 minutes once each week. This is especially important for older vehicles that generally have more “no-start” problems. Vehicles that are stored indoors may be taken out on a reduced interval of once every two weeks. 

>Be wary of road salt

Try to avoid driving your vehicle in harsh winter weather before storage. Road salt can coat the undercarriage of the car and lead to harmful erosion if it is not removed before long-term dormancy.

The above recommendations will help prevent unnecessary depreciation of your vehicle over the course of its storage. Cars are assets for businesses and fleet managers, so playing it safe with their automotive care, even when they're grounded, is an excellent way to yield healthy returns-on-investment.

If you have any further questions how to properly ground your vehicles, please Contact Us Here!

And, as always, remember to stay safe & buckle up!

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