Our Mission Is To Serve: Meet Brad!

Posted by Kyle Forbush on Jan 8, 2019 3:02:21 PM

Caritas Vehicle Services is proud to introduce our newest blog series, "Our Mission Is To Serve"! Named for our mission statement, this series will provide personal profiles of the unique individuals that keep the Caritas vision alive with hard-work and dedication to the task of serving those who serve the community (religious communities and Congregations of Sisters). 

For our first entry, we are pleased to introduce Brad Forbush, Director of Fleet Management at Caritas Vehicle Services. 



Q: How much experience do you have working in the auto industry?

A: I began my career in the auto industry in 1981, which is longer than I care to admit. Since then, I have had experience wearing almost every hat there is to wear in the automotive industry, from managing dealerships to working for the manufacturers to being a consultant for large automotive groups across the country. I have been with Caritas for six years now, and it is some of the most rewarding time I have spent in the industry.


Q: From your time at Caritas, what have you noticed about the way Caritas Vehicle Services operates that sets it apart from other fleet management companies?

A: We provide a high level of personalized service. Our fleet team spends hours on the phone every day with drivers who are Sisters with Congregations all across the U.S. Over time, we've learned the importance of paying close attention to detail and have a markable reputation for following through on our promises. Our clients simply know that they can depend on us for whatever they may need to keep their vehicles in safe, working condition. At the end of the day, what really sets us apart is how well we know our clients and our dedication to providing them with convenience and piece of mind.


Q: What is the most invaluable service that Caritas has to offer?

A: I can name a few. Firstly, when a Sister needs a new vehicle,  we're able to provide them with one that meets their exact requirements and deliver it to their door within 2-3 business days. Secondly, when a car needs to be serviced, we help schedule appointments with ASE-certified mechanics and can help our clients save up to 40% on repair bills. If ever there is an issue or concern with repairs, we provide drivers with a call line operated by ASE-certified technicians that are available 24/7/365. Our industry connections and partnerships allow us access to resources that benefit our clients greatly. 


Q: Now for the fun question. Do you have a favorite car?

A: I love that the 1970's "roadster" muscle-cars are popular again. The Dodge Challenger was my favorite car at age 12, and I'd be lying if I said I don't fawn over the newer models. 











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