Vehicle Management for Religious Communities

Posted by Eliott Fitch on Jan 31, 2014 1:58:00 PM

Vehicles are a major expense to any business...Religious Communities are no exception.Caritas_Picture_1

While vehicles are necessary tools for working within your chosen ministry, their purchase and upkeep may not be foremost in the drivers mind. All drivers have the Community's best interest at heart, but lack of expertise can end up costing thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs and downtime.

Imagine how much easier it would be to have someone by your side to safeguard and support your Community while preserving your resources. CARITAS Vehicle Services is a vehicle management company focused solely on bringing peace of mind and stewardship to Catholic Religious Communities across the country. You will find a valued partner you can trust whose mission is to service its clients.



Have you considered what impact keeping older vehicles in operation is having on the environment? We have. A vehicle with a malfunctioning or faulty emission control system can emit over 800% more air pollution than a properly operating vehicle.


Are you receiving all the discounts and incentives offered by the manufacturers? No matter how large or small your fleet, with CARITAS, your purchased or financed vehicle will be delivered licensed and titled in your name with the applicable tax exemptions taken, at volume discount pricing.


How much are you truly spending in maintaining your vehicles? Do your drivers know if a repair should be done, or if the cost is in line? Is the carbon footprint of each vehicle increasing?  Having a proactive maintenance program providing 24/7 access to trustworthy ASE Certified Technicians, national discount pricing, and on-line vehicle maintenance history at your fingertips will answers these questions immediately for your Community.


Are your Miles Per Gallon (MPG) decreasing?  Lower MPG indicate that an engine is working harder and less efficiently, thus producing more emissions as well as costing your Community more money.

Do you have a way to track your MPG? Every time you fill up with your fuel card data is gathered to provide a constant analysis of your vehicles' fuel efficiency. .


When is the best time to recycle your vehicle?  The answer lies within its negative economic and environmental impact.

How do you know when that is? This is where CARITAS can help. By watching your vehicles more closely, you will be counseled regarding when the best time would be to sell your vehicles to maximize their value while minimizing their overall maintenance costs.

In addition to these major features, you will also receive the benefit of our:

  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis to illustrate that while a vehicle may be less expensive to purchase, it can cost more when factoring in maintenance, fuel consumption and resale value.
  • Environmental Impact Study on your current and future fleet to determine its carbon footprint.
  • Extensive Reporting to aid in budgetary planning, vehicle health
  • And much more...

By working with you, CARITAS Vehicle Services will provide education, foresight, and guidance to protect the assets and resources needed to maintain safe and reliable vehicles for your drivers.



Let us be by your side all the way to ensure continuity throughout your entire fleet, anywhere in the country.

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